Wash indicators

Cleaning processes that are carried out on the health care instruments are very complex as the sufficient process efficacy is achieved through the right combination of many parameters: water pressure, water hardness, cleaning temperature, cleaning time, cycle profile, detergent quantity and detergent quality, and finally the way how the wash chamber is loaded. Instead of monitoring single parameters, Clinichem wash indicators are developed for monitoring the integrated efficacy of the automatic cleaning processes.

Clinichem wash-indicators are designed for monitoring demanding processes and to mimic the authentic situation where the stainless steel instruments that are contaminated with dried blood need to be cleaned. Process conditions must be in line with that to achieve a positive test result.  

Clinichem has two indicators available: an economical and a very popular CliniCheck USW with synthetic stain spot, and an advanced EVIT TTDF test system containing natural, purified blood cells and proteins and an integrated Process Challenge Device (PCD). Both indicators need a holder to keep them in their positions during the process.  



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CliniCheck USW

Clinicheck USW, 100 pcs/pack
Clinichem Oy Ltd.
Price (VAT not inc.)
95.00 €

Clinicheck USW is a very popular and an economical product for monitoring integrated efficacy of wash processes. It contains a highly reliable and challenging stain spot on a plastic substrate. ISO 15883 accordance. A holder is available separately. 100 indicators/pack.

Download from enclosed the brochure and the trouble shooting chart.


Starter kit/Repeat kit
Clinichem Oy Ltd.
Price (VAT not inc.)
103.00 €

EVIT TTDF is a very advanced and challenging test indicator system for monitoring integrated efficacy of wash processes. The system consists of a test indicator and a Process Challenge Device (PCD). The test indicator consists of a stain spot of purified proteins and animal blood cells fixed on a stainless steel substrate. ISO 15883 accordance.   

Available in:

-Starter kit: 20 indicators + a stainless steel holder

-Repeat kit: 24 indicators


Download from enclosed a leaflet and the usage instructions of EVIT TTDF.

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